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Created 25-Oct-14
Modified 25-Oct-14
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I figured it would be a while before I edited all of my images from my SW Trek II, so here is a sneak preview of some of my favorites. . .
This is Hamilton!North Rim SunsetCape Royal SunriseSunrise at Sunset PointBright Angel Overlook SunrisePoint Imperial Sunset, North RimBright Angel Trail, North RimNorth Rim Overlook SunsetNorth Rim Overlook Sunset IIBryce Point SunriseCape Royal SunriseHoodoo Peekaboo, BryceMossy Cave Trail, BryceInspiration Point Sunset, BryceKolob Canyon Vista, ZionTimber Creek Trail Scenic, ZionSun Setting on ZionTufa Reflection, Mono LakeSouth Tufa Sunset, Mono LakeAbandoned Vehicle, Bodie